Our Story

It all started when intention, selfcare, mindset and skincare had a baby.
That baby started to grow and along came Organically Bare, intentional skincare so you can BARE your best skin.

My name is Emma Mansfield and I didn't birth this baby but adopted it (purchased it) in its infancy as a market business and am raising and developing it as my own. I have experience in this area as I am a mum of 3. Two boys 9 and 6 and a 16yr old step daughter.

After radiotherapy on my brain over 10yrs ago my skin changed forever. I have been on the endless merry go round of trying what the beauty experts and brands tell me I should buy and the results I should expect (and being very disappointed) I gave up on the idea of having flawless model like skin and just sucked it up. I prematurely aged, sun damage, dry patches that come and go depending on the season then add in hormonal changes from 2 pregnancies, my face looked like it belonged to someone 20yrs older.

I discovered the hard way that confidence in yourself is so much more than finding great products. It's just as much about your mindset and acceptance of your individuality to truly have the freedom to BARE your best skin. Because your best skin is going to be different to someone else's best skin. I don't believe there is just one skin type category that you fit into forever as our skin is constantly changing internally and externally. From the foods we eat, medication, health issues, to the external contributors like the weather, our environment and even polluted air. Most of which we can't control.

With intentional skincare we can do our best to control what we can like our mindset, allowing for proper guilt free self-care with great products and an holistic approach to improved skin health.

That's where Organically Bare comes in. Our bull sh** free approach won't cost the earth in time or money. We are an ethical brand supporting zero waste as much as possible, cruelty free, natural, with no nasties.

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